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Mr. Colodney counsels clients in the areas of the law most crucial to the growth of their business. By definition, he is the prototype Corporate Generalist, providing highly competent representation in areas such as advertising law, complex transactions, corporate law, intellectual property, employment law and regulatory compliance. Simply, his practice focuses on the core areas of the law related to running your business. Mr. Colodney has served as General Counsel to several New Jersey companies and brings the knowledge, resources and experience your growing business needs from a lawyer.


Legal counsel should only be provided in light of the overall business strategy of the client. The operations of a business are a seamless web of intricacies — each area affecting the others. In most instances, legal factors are only one component of the information needed for an executive to make a sound decision.

Mr. Colodney's approach to counseling clients is to learn as much as possible about the client's business with the objective of tailoring real-world solutions. By developing a greater understanding of the client's business, he is able to filter out impractical legal solutions and give decision makers options that fit into the overall business strategy of the entity.

The law affects your business — it shouldn't run it.

Michael A. Colodney



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General Business Law


Corporate Law


Employment Law

Advertising Law

Copyright, Trademark
and Trade Secret

Financial Services Law

Internet and
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Dietary Supplement Law


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