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Advertising Law

The law surrounding advertising is a complicated blend comprised of aspects from Intellectual Property law, FTC regulation, Federal statute, State Consumer Protection law, and personal privacy and right of publicity law. To further complicate matters, each industry may have its own requirements and each type of advertising presents unique challenges.

Mr. Colodney has reviewed hundreds of advertisements appearing in every medium imaginable. From television commercials, radio and print ads to billboards and internet advertising and promotions, he brings the experience necessary to promote your product within the boundaries of the law. Whether you are placing an advertisement in a local newspaper or rolling out a national campaign, Mr. Colodney has successfully counseled clients through the myriad of rules, regulations and practices that comprise this sensitive area of the law.

In the event your advertising is attacked by a competitor, consumer lawyer or the government, Mr. Colodney is also experienced in managing such conflicts. Although there is no substitute for expert review prior to disseminating an advertisement, steps may be taken after a challenge to minimize potential liability and protect the company’s interests, whether in litigation or in the course of an investigation. Mr. Colodney has the knowledge and experience to help you defend against these challenges and keep moving forward.

Contact Mr. Colodney to see how he may assist your company with advertising clearance, contests and other promotions, and all other types of advertising law issues.

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