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Copyright, Trademark and Trade Secret

Developing an intellectual property portfolio is an important step in the growth of many companies. Intellectual property is the most important asset an organization owns, and it is imperative it is managed properly. The firm assists clients with Copyrights, Trademarks and Trade Secrets by performing the following tasks:


  • Identifying original works of authorship for protection
  • Registering federal copyright for appropriate works
  • Licensing and enforcing rights associated with copyrighted material

Mr. Colodney has successfully represented clients in adversarial copyright infringement matters from both sides of the potential infringement—both as attorney for the infringed copyright owner and counsel for the alleged infringer.


  • Performing trademark searches to assess the validity of a particular mark or series of marks
  • Prosecuting trademark applications before the USPTO
  • Licensing and enforcing trademark rights
  • Performing infringement searches and monitoring
  • Developing proper use guidelines for employees

New product development requires a cogent, strategic plan to maximize trademark, trade dress and other branding considerations. Mr. Colodney has served as lead counsel for major brands as they developed in the marketplace, one of which became the lead product in its category. This experience is an invaluable resource for your company.

Trade Secrets

Customer lists, processes, techniques, marketing plans—any confidential technical or nontechnical information that gives the business a competitive edge may be a trade secret worth protecting. Important to note is that a trade secret need not be patentable to be protectable.

Mr. Colodney assists organizations in evaluating whether they are taking the right steps to protect the trade secrets that give them the advantage in the marketplace. This assistance includes identifying the intellectual property the company should protect, advising it regarding the appropriate forms of protection, and implementing procedures to maximize protection.

Trade secrets include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Clinical trials, studies and their respective results
  • Information concerning research and development activities
  • Manufacturing and processing techniques
  • Software, firmware and computer programs and elements of design relating thereto
  • Designs, drawings, prototypes and formulae
  • Cost, profit and market information
  • Customer lists, marketing plans, proposed trade or service marks
  • Financial and other business information with respect to the company that has not been made publicly available
  • Customer business information, including products of the company ordered, prices and delivery schedules
  • Any information disclosed to the company by any third party which the company has agreed, or is otherwise obligated, to treat as confidential or proprietary.

Mr. Colodney drafts noncompetition, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for trade secret protection where companies are dealing with joint ventures, consultants, vendors and employees. Please contact the firm if you require assistance in this area.

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